2MyHero heads from Portland to Pittsburgh!

US Air Force, Marines, Navy and Army personnel and their families will now have access to 2MyHero military greeting cards at Kards Unlimited in Pittsburgh, PA. Kards Unlimited is now carrying our blank Thank You notecards for these 4 branches.


2MyHero military greeting cards sold at Kards Unlimited, Pittsburgh, PA

As you might expect with a business that spells Kards with a K instead of a C – they are the kind of people who think outside of the box. In this case quite literally.

On the 2MyHero website and on Amazon, the blank Thank You notecards are sold in packs of 8. But Kards Unlimited chose to try a different approach. They ordered the cards individually rather than in packs. We love creative merchandising!


2MyHero military greeting cards sold at Kards Unlimited, Pittsburgh, PA

Nestled in with bigger brands 2MyHero has claimed their spot on the shelves of this fun and interesting gift shop in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA. 

Kards Unlimited by their own admission is a 3rd generation, family owned retail experience that offers a huge array of fun things to buy, from t-shirts, greeting cards, novelty toys, to fine jewelry, men’s accessories and a vast selection of books. They are unique, eclectic, sometimes irreverent, and often weird.

In short, they are as far removed from a “Hallmark-style” cookie-cutter chain store as you can get. They have been amusing themselves and the Shadyside community for more than 40 years, and would love for you to come to join them!”

When you visit the shop, tell them you heard about them from this blog! Be sure to pick up a few notecards too and thank a veteran you know from that branch.

If you’re too far from Pittsburgh to make it in, you can find them on Instagram and Facebook. Check out their sites! I love their cover image – in the wake of the recent shooting at a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh the image carries great significance!

If your bent turns to shop on Amazonyou’ll find 2MyHero individual military greeting cards, six packs for Graduation, Birthday, Sympathy, Veteran’s Day and all 5 of the branch-specific Thank You notecards. In case you need a little extra nudge, standard shipping is free. 

2MyHero USMC Thank You notecards on Amazon

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