A time to pause and remember

Memorial Day can be very sad and yet for those of us with a melancholy temperament, it is also a time to savor the deep joy and memories of a loved one who served in one of the Armed Forces and whose life you treasure. It is time to pause and remember.

There are wonderful ceremonies held at cemeteries and in small and large towns that bring people together for the purpose of honoring. My family is gathering together to celebrate a decade birthday that happened earlier this year, and the holiday allows the family members who live further away a chance to join.

2MyHero military sympathy greeting cards
Bench at Boulder City Veterans Cemetery. My brother-in-law is buried in this cemetery.

2MyHero focuses primarily on supporting and encouraging active duty and veterans, but we would not be a complete line of greeting cards for military without sympathy cards. Death is a part of life. Honoring those who have gone on before us is a worthwhile and fulfilling action even if it also carries pain and sorrow with it.

Every Gold Star mom or dad I know longs deeply for their child to be remembered. They remember their child every day of the year, but Memorial Day, while emotionally exhausting for many, is also deeply treasured. It is incredibly moments for them to come together with others for the sole purpose of remembering.

More than one Gold Star mom has told me that any expression of sympathy by an individual is always welcome. They appreciate every gesture made to express care. Every opportunity to talk openly (and without fear of tears) is profound and meaningful. They just can never get enough of it.

Boulder City Cemetery - 2MyHero military greeting card visits grave of family member buried there.
Icon for fallen service member.

Expressing the meaningful memories is incredibly important, and on our Facebook and Instagram pages, there are Red Poppy Posts where I invite you to comment with a brief but meaningful memory of your military loved one.

Memorial Day is also an opportunity to connect through a greeting card with a Gold Star mom or dad who lives far from you. Through May 30, 2MyHero Gold Star Sympathy cards can be purchased with a 20% coupon on Amazon and on Etsy. So stock up and use now or later to encourage Gold Star families.

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However you are spending your Memorial Day, 2MyHero extends our warmest wishes for a sentimental day honoring your loved ones.