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Hanging with my nephew who inspired me to start 2MyHero.


I’m Hannah Hurley, owner of 2MyHero, a woman owned small business that began in 2010 in Portland, Oregon. I love to laugh, appreciate the details, and relate to people in a way that is personal and understanding.

In 2009, my nephew deployed with the Oregon Army National Guard to Iraq. When looking for greeting cards to send him, I was disappointed in the sparse selection of greeting cards available that were relevant to military personnel. What I found (or rather didn’t find) led to the decision to design my own line of military greeting cards.

Combining my background in graphic design and retail sales I began designing cards I felt confident sending my nephew and the sons and daughters of friends with children on active duty. What started as a response to a need has grown into a passion.

The men and women I’ve met who serve in an amazing variety of capacities to protect our country need to know how much they are RESPECTED and APPRECIATED! They need to know we care about the sacrifices they are making. They need to know they aren’t forgotten.

What influences 2MyHero?

Early in Nathan’s deployment, while out on a mission the vehicle he was in hit an IED. He was safe, but they lost two troops. One of those was sitting in the seat Nathan originally would have sat in. His CO made a last minute change that cost him his life, and spared Nathan his. 

That event marked a turning point in my mission for 2MyHero. I knew then that I needed to create sympathy cards as well. The Gold Star cards are perhaps my favorite cards in the line. My heart goes out to the parents who bear this terrible pain.

I want them to know that I care. I want them to know their child will not be forgotten. If you’re here, that’s what you want too, right?

Gold Star cards are not branch specific. Maybe in the future, but currently no. The reason for that is that when someone makes the ultimate sacrifice the branch seems to fade somewhat behind the sheer intensity of the reality of loss.

Nathan’s is only one story out of many I’ve heard as I’ve been on this path. The people and the stories are what keep me going. They give me strength to push through the unknowns. I know nothing I face is as intense as what military members face.

2MyHero military greeting card owner volunteers for USO Northwest
One of many exciting opportunities to serve the military community through volunteering for USO Northwest

Each 2MyHero card has been created, reviewed and refined by input from active and retired men and women in all branches of the military. These are family members, high school classmates, friends, and people I’ve met through my volunteer hours with USO Northwest and Blue Star Mothers of Oregon. 

It’s been an incredible journey interviewing veterans and active duty members, getting involved with Blue Star Mothers of Oregon, volunteering for USO Northwest at PDX and local outreach events, and seeing the opportunities to touch lives in a positive way.  It’s truly the most fulfilling design work I’ve done.

2MyHero sells wholesale also!

2MyHero military greeting cards available at Kingston Food Market
Setting up a display at Kingston Food Market, Washington State

2MyHero sells wholesale to retailers and non-profits who support military. Our cards are available in select retail locations across the country. If you are interested in selling the line in your location please reach out via Contact Us.

In talking with potential wholesale customers I often hear something like, “Well, these are really great, and different, but I just don’t think there are very many military families who shop at our store.” I’m convinced that’s not true. It’s been amazing to me to find so many moms and dads of Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Coasties and Soldiers around me. They don’t broadcast it. But when they find someone who cares and is interested they are so happy! The pride they have in what their children are doing is fantastic!

Military families do not expect to find cards like 2MyHero, so they aren’t looking for them. We want to change that norm. We believe the desire to communicate in a vibrant, funny and sincere way is what many moms, dads, aunts, uncles, siblings, neighbors, classmates want!

Find 2MyHero military greeting cards on Amazon and MRE Remix on YouTube

In addition to selling on this site, 2MyHero is also available on Amazon. Just a heads up – the offerings vary slightly due to the nature of the Amazon shopping experience. 

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