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Carpe Diem – Seize the day.

It’s so much more fun to say this phrase in Latin. In Latin it has such a nice ring to it. Carpe Diem.

These days, no one speaks full sentences in Latin, unless perhaps in a Catholic Church. But this little phrase – Carpe Diem – is universal. It invokes energy, enthusiasm, life!

If there was ever a time to dare, to make a difference, to embark on something worth doing, it is now..”

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Carpe Diem Thoughtfulls invite us to welcome every opportunity and seize each day. They inspire us to get excited about the possibilities in this moment.

These petite but potent cards are the perfect addition to a heartfelt 2MyHero military greeting card. That’s exactly why I am including them in all January orders of individual 2MyHero military greeting cards.

Whether you purchase 2MyHero on our website, on our Amazon or Etsy store, you will find one of these tucked in with your order.

“Believe there are no limits but the sky.”

Miguel de Cervantes
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What I love about Thoughtfulls

One of the reasons I love Thoughtfulls from Compendium Inc., is that in a box of 30 – all have different inspirational sayings inside. Some people might prefer it if the same saying was printed in all of them, but I respectfully disagree. Variety is the spice of life.

Little pop-open cards with messages inside were the first product Compendium Inc. ever made. And they’ve been one of their most popular products ever since. Inside are timeless messages of inspiration to capture the heart.

Few things make me happier than to hear from my customers. Unless of course it’s a shipping issue, which doesn’t make me happy. But that’s for another blog. Sometimes customers share snippets of their stories. They tell how their Airman, Coastie, Marine, Sailor, or Soldier appreciated the 2MyHero card they received.

Customers have also commented on these special enclosure cards. The quote below came in a message through the Amazon seller feedback page:

The card came with a small “You’re Awesome” card insert meant to be opened by the recipient. What does it say inside? It’s taking a lot of self control not to open it, but we’re very curious!!!

Amazon customer
Thoughtfull. You Matter. 2MyHero® offers cards for every branch of the US military
The suspense is too much!

How adorable is that?! However, because each Thoughtfull is a different saying, I could not give this customer an exact answer. But their curiosity and excitement over it was so delightful!

I hope this customers military member communicated with them after receiving it to ease the curiosity!

Every day is a good day to send encouragement

I’m grateful for all the military families and friends who chose 2MyHero cards to congratulate, encourage, support, and just plain “send love in an envelope” to their Airmen, Coasties, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers.

It’s so important for so many reasons. Many military members feel that no one understands them. No one understands what they do. No one understands why they chose to serve in the military.

Even if you don’t fully understand the who what and why of your military member, you can ask questions to gain understanding. You can affirm what you do see in their actions.

“Be daring, Be first, Be different.”

Anita Roddick

Graduations are a big time to send military greeting cards. Military graduation for some is the highest point in their military career. There aren’t many situations after that where family and friends are invited to a public celebration of military service.

A Sailor Now - US Navy boot camp encouragement greeting card - by 2MyHero
Encourage your Great Lakes Naval Base graduate – Sailor in the United States Navy.

This is one of the reasons I believe sending cards and writing personal messages of encouragement are so important. They help everyone involved to remember. Remembering the ‘highs’ help carry you through the ‘lows’.

A military greeting card with a personal message inside is a visual reminder an Airman, Coastie, Marine, Sailor, or Soldier can pull out and re-read anytime and anywhere. Well, maybe not anywhere.

Every troop matters!

You Matter is another Thoughtfull from Compendium that I often include with orders. I feel these are particularly appropriate, as many military members feel forgotten and misunderstood. They need to hear that we appreciate their service!

While these pop up cards are not military specific, the general message is one that applies equally as well to any branch of service.

Thoughtfull. You Matter. 2MyHero® offers cards for every branch of the US military
A Soldier Now is one of our most popular cards.

Seize the day to make it special!

Not surprisingly, most 2MyHero® customers are moms or grandmothers of Airmen, Coasties, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers. These customers care deeply about their service member. They are eager to express their pride.

Because I know my customers care so much, I wrap each order with attention to detail. I hand press each sticker using a custom embossing plate. This gold sticker complements the navy blue tissue that surrounds the card, envelope, Thoughtfull and packing list.

2MyHero offers premium packaging on all military greeting card orders
All 2MyHero® orders are lovingly wrapped.

I’m grateful for these customers who care so deeply about their military members. Their loved ones are encouraging and supporting them.

2MyHero® customers seize the day!

If you’re a 2MyHero® customer please comment below. Which card or boxed set did you order? I’d love to hear your story! Tell a little something fun about your military member. If you’re a military member, tell why you buy 2MyHero military greeting cards.

Have specific questions or comments? You can also connect through our contact page on the website.

Find 2MyHero on PinterestInstagram, and Facebook. I’d love to meet you in cyberland and learn more about what you need to help you seize the day and stay connected with your military people.