A Childhood Favorite Re-invented

How many of you were big time fans of the Creamsicle ice cream bars as a kid? I was. I didn’t get them very often, which might be part of the reason they are such a fond memory. They were a very special treat, and as such I savored each one.

2MyHero MRE Remix on YouTube pin for Pinterest Board - military greeting cards

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the idea of adult Creamsicles. Brilliant! Her take was to mix vanilla vodka with orange soda. It’s a great treat to be sure, and it also was the inspiration behind this week’s MRE Remix.

This is the second Remix using MRE Menu 16 (The Chicken Burrito Bowl). Inside MRE Menu 16 is a little packet of Orange Beverage mix. In and of itself, it bears a strong resemblance to Gatorade powder. If you have teenage athletes in your home, you no doubt have purchased this product before.

Citrus Fruit MREeze takes this humble packet and adds some ingredients that give it a substantial boost – fresh squeezed orange juice, lemon yogurt and mango sorbet. Perhaps the most important ingredient is the last one – Vanilla Vodka.

You can make your own vanilla vodka. If you want guidance on that you can check out my How to make your own infused Vodka Flip Book. If you want to go the easy and sure route, then your local liquor store should have a few options for you. I like the one with the big vanilla bean and flower on the front. It’s yummy on its own, but in this blended drink, it is what makes it irresistible!

Here’s the quick recipe:

2MyHero military greeting cards - MRE Remix Citrus Fruit MREeze recipe card

Click either image for the downloadable copies of these beautiful recipe cards!

2MyHero military greeting cards - MRE Remix Citrus Fruit MREeze recipe card

It really is as easy as it looks! I used a Magic Bullet Blender, but any blender or food processor will give you great results.

This fun drink is paired with two new Retirement cards in the 2MyHero lineup:

Trust Me – You’re going to miss life in the (Navy) (Army) . . . but not as much as you will be missed! Congratulations on your Retirement!

Trust Me - Military retirement greeting card for US Army Soldiers by 2MyHero
Trust me - Military retirement greeting card for US Navy Sailors by 2MyHero

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