Colorado has the Right Card for your Veteran!

Today I want to give a shout out to a very special gift shop in the heart of Old Town in Fort Collins, Colorado – The Right Card. Nestled in their fantastic selection of Thanksgiving greeting cards, are 2MyHero cards that express thankfulness for service to all 5 branches and across five campaigns.

2MyHero military greeting cards for Soldiers, Airmen, Coasties, Marines and Sailors

Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran’s – they’ve got cards for them! Veteran’s who served in the US Army, US Air Force, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps, US Navy – they’ve got cards for them!

2MyHero military greeting cards for Soldiers, Airmen, Coasties, Marines and Sailors

The selection of cards in this store is quite possibly the largest I’ve seen. I feel so honored that 2MyHero is rubbing shoulders with Design Design, Paper Source, Papyrus, Pictura, Up With Paper and Lovepop as well as many other smaller but mighty card companies.

Last spring I stumbled upon this incredible store while visiting my daughter who was attending Colorado State University. I was working as a buyer for The Arrangement, a gift shop here in Portland. Naturally I wanted to go in and take a look. It’s always fun to see what other stores are doing.

Ok, yes, maybe I did want to see if they were interested in carrying 2MyHero. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner who rang up our purchase. She said she was very interested in looking at the line. But, upon looking closer she told me she would only carry the line if I had all five branches. I have to give her credit for giving me the extra nudge I needed to pursue licensing with the US Army. I had tried the year before but was unsuccessful. Knowing I had a retailer interested in carrying all five branches I decided to try again. Thanks Marta!

2MyHero military greeting cards for Soldiers, Airmen, Coasties, Marines and Sailors

In addition to the individual cards specific to Veteran’s, The Right Card also carries two of our Sympathy cards and the Thank You packs for all 5.

The Right Card is also on Instagram and Facebook, check them out online if you aren’t close to Fort Collins! 

If you live near or are visiting Fort Collins you need to head into this spectacular store! Be sure to give yourself some time to browse – I guarantee you will find the right card for any occasion you are looking for!

2MyHero military greeting cards for Soldiers, Airmen, Coasties, Marines and Sailors

If your bent turns to shopping on Amazon now until Veteran’s Day get 15% off all 2MyHero individual cards when you purchase 4 cards. Shipping is free. Any combination of cards qualifies for the offer. It’s a win all the way around – for you and for the Veteran’s who will receive the cards!

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Comment below about your military loved one and how you have honored them in the past on Veteran’s Day. Do you have traditions for this day? Please share them!

If you give a 2MyHero card to a Veteran, let us know how it made them feel and how it helped you stay connected with them. Of course be mindful of OPSEC, and don’t give any specifics or details that would be potentially harmful to put out on the web.

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Source: 2 My Hero