You could be a #lucky7 winner with a bit of luck o’ the Irish!

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Are you feeling #lucky7 this month? You could get a surprise in the form of a wee bit of green or gold when you order from 2MyHero on our website, Amazon, or our Etsy store.

The Irish love whiskey

Although not Jameson’s, these Whiskey Sour cocktail candies from Smith & Sinclair are sure to please.
2MyHero March luck of the Irish #lucky7
A Marine Now is one of 2MyHero’s best selling cards.
Lucky the Marine who won this cocktail candy.

My husband’s family on both sides of his grandparents came to the US from Ireland. From Ballylynen to be specific. It’s a great little town, in County Laois.

When our son graduated High School, we gave him the option to choose where he’d like to take a family trip. He chose Ireland. Although no known family connections remain, we enjoyed visiting much of the island.

One of our son’s favorite experiences on that trip was the evening trips to the pub with dad. With the drinking age being 18, he took full advantage. That’s where he got his first taste of Jameson’s whiskey. Of course, the trip to the Guiness Brewery was pretty special as well. We all enjoyed the view of Dublin from the top floor tasting room.

2MyHero March luck of the Irish #lucky7
1 green or gold gift tucked into every 7th order throughout the month of March.

#Lucky7 for every branch!

Just like the luck of being 18 and of legal drinking age was for my son, there could be a lucky find in your order. The fun is truly as random as you might imagine. 2MyHero offers cards for all 5 branches. So whether you or someone you love is an Airman, Coastie, Marine, Sailor, or Soldier, you could be a #lucky7 winner with a bit of luck o’ the Irish!

2MyHero March luck of the Irish #lucky7
USAF Thank You note cards are sold in packs of 8 or boxes of 15.
The first #lucky7 winner was an Airman.

Whether you purchase 2MyHero on our website, on our Amazon or Etsy store, you will find either a green or gold surprise these tucked in with every 7th order in the month of March.

I’m grateful for all the military families and friends who choose 2MyHero cards. They pen words to congratulate, encourage, and just plain “send love in an envelope”. Airmen, Coasties, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers get the messages.

Correspondence is important for so many reasons. Troops hearing words of support and encouragement from those they love. That’s always in demand.

Things are heating up around the globe. Troops are deploying to Europe. Friends and family need to step up their communication. Of course, texts, emails, and social media are forms of communication, but they’ll never fully eliminate the joy of receiving a handwritten card.

“Luck o’ the Irish”

2MyHero March luck of the Irish #lucky7
2MyHero wants you to get lucky this month.

Sending cards and writing personal messages of encouragement is so important, because it helps everyone remember. Respect the person. Remember the sacrifices. Praise the dedication. Help your troop through lonely and difficult times with words of encouragement.

Being in different time zones makes other forms of communication tricky to schedule. A troop opens a handwritten card anytime, anywhere. No scheduling needed.

#lucky7 all month long!

The fun will continue throughout the month of March. So, right up until March 31, I’m tallying the orders as they come in. Each time I hit 7 – that customer gets a wee bit of green or gold tucked in their order.

Whether your military member is deployed or stationed CONUS, they need to hear from those who appreciate their service. They need to hear they are loved and missed!

2MyHero March luck of the Irish #lucky7

Yes Please

How about finding a Starbuck’s gift card tucked in your graduation card after 12 weeks of boot camp at either Parris Island or MCRD San Diego?

You may have noticed that many of these #lucky7 winners ordered US Marine Corps military greeting cards? That’s because USMC military greeting cards are 2MyHero top sellers, all year, every year. The loyalty of the Marines themselves and their families to the branch is truly inspiring!

No other branch has as much pride, spirit, and pithy phrases. Semper Fi, Jarhead, Devil Dogs, Once a Marine, always a Marine. It just keeps going. Read more about Marine Corps motto and slogans in this article on

One of the first cards I designed for Marines had the word “marine” instead of “Marine”. I did it for a visual statement. I needed correction. “Marine” is ALWAYS capitalized. That says a lot about the spirit of the Marines.

Luck given. Not earned.

Marines earn the title. The title is never given. However, #Lucky7 is not earned. It’s given. Given to every 7th customer.

The Earned. Never given. card is a steady seller. The graphic alludes to that moment when a Marine is first called a Marine. The time after conquering the Crucible when the EGA is placed in their palm by their Drill Instructor.

Earned. Never Given.

Just one of many mottos embraced by the US Marine Corps community.
2MyHero March luck of the Irish #lucky7
This bit of green was definitely not earned. Just given.

Not surprisingly, most 2MyHero customers are moms or grandmothers of Airmen, Coasties, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers. These customers care deeply about their service member. They are eager to express their pride.

But girlfriends and wives of military members are also a considerable percentage of my customers!

Because I know my customers care so much, I wrap each order with attention to detail. I hand press each sticker using a custom embossing plate. This gold sticker complements the navy blue tissue that surrounds the card, envelope, Thoughtfull and packing list.

2MyHero offers premium packaging on all military greeting card orders
All 2MyHero® orders are lovingly wrapped.

I’m grateful for these customers who care so deeply about their military members. Their loved ones are encouraging and supporting them.

A little luck in every order

Green or gold go into every 7th order. But, every order includes a gift with purchase included in every 2MyHero order. Thoughtulls come in most orders. I say almost, because I do sometimes tuck in a Thank You note card or a Logo note card (USAF, USMC, or Army) with the An Officer Now card.

Thoughtfull‘s come in a box of 30. Each has a different inspirational saying inside. Makes it more of a surprise!

The first product Compendium Inc. ever made was little pop-open cards with messages inside. They’ve been one of their most popular products ever since. Inside are timeless messages of inspiration to capture the heart.

Lucky to have such great customers

Few things make me happier than to hear from my customers. Unless of course it’s a shipping issue, which doesn’t make me happy. But that’s for another blog. This most recent email from a customer after receiving their card made me smile from ear to ear.

I received the two USMC birthday cards I ordered.

I am delighted with them.

It was a special touch to have a personal THANK YOU on the order sheet.

It’s redundant, but thank you for the thank you!

David, Amazon customer
2MyHero March luck of the Irish #lucky7
How fun would it be to find a $2 bill in your order?

2MyHero customers love their military members!

If you’re a 2MyHero customer or if you’re a #lucky7 winner please comment below. Which card or boxed set did you order? I’d love to hear your story! Tell a little something fun about your military member. If you’re a military member, tell why you buy 2MyHero military greeting cards.

Have specific questions or comments? Connect through our contact page on the website.

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