Got your 5!

No, that’s not a type-o!

Yes, the popular military phrase is “Got your 6”. Which translated into civilian means “I’ve got your back”. 

But there are only 5 branches of the military, and 2MyHero now carries license agreements with all 5 of them! US Army is the final addition, and we’re stoked about it!

In fact, we just released our first Collection for Veteran’s Day featuring 3 different designs that include Army specific designs.

2MyHero AV500 military greeting card for Veteran's Day

It seems a little ironic that US Army should be the last branch for us to sign a license agreement with, since my nephew is in the Oregon Army National Guard Reserves. His deployment to Iraq is what set off the creation of 2MyHero in the first place. You can read more about that on the About Us page.

It isn’t that we didn’t want to be in a license agreement with the US Army. It just took a bit more effort and time to bring it about than the others.

All that is behind now, and it’s time to move forward providing relevant, contemporary greeting cards for all 5 branches.

Now through Veteran’s Day on Amazon you will get 15% off your purchase when you select 4 or more individual cards. The deal applies to all individual cards – so you can stock up on Veteran’s Day, Birthday, and Encouragement for any branch you need.

2MyHero Veteran's Day military greeting card

Maybe you would like a Veteran’s Day card that is about the campaign your Veteran served in. We’ve got that covered also! Vietnam Vets who served in the Navy, Army, Air Force or Marines have a specific card for them.

Veterans who served in Desert Storm, Iraq or Afghanistan can receive a card specific to their era. 

2MyHero Veteran's Day military greeting cards

Since Veteran’s Day isn’t very far away, you’ll want to shop early to be sure you get your order in time.

2MyHero Veteran's Day military greeting cards

Of course, you can always purchase 2MyHero cards on our website! 

Comment below about the Veteran in your life who you will encourage this Veteran’s Day!

Source: 2 My Hero