Kingston, Washington – a little town with a lot of patriotic spirit!

Have you ever taken the ferry from Edmonds, Washington over to Kingston, WA? It’s a beautiful ride (especially on a sunny day). It only takes about a half an hour, so even if it’s choppy you won’t have much time to get sea sick.

2MyHero military greeting cards at Kingston Food Mart

When you drive off the ferry, straight ahead and less than 1/4 mile on your right lies Kingston Food Mart. A great locally owned grocery store that services this quaint island. It’s small town USA at it’s best!

It is home to a 24 pocket spinner showcasing 2MyHero cards!

2MyHero military greeting cards at Kingston Food Mart

Right now, the rack is filled primarily with Veteran’s Day designs. There are a few of the everyday best sellers in addition to the Veteran’s Day cards. A Marine Now is one of them. Even on this island that is home to many US Navy sailors, A Marine Now is the top seller. 

This patriotic little town captured my heart back in the spring, when on a trip to Seattle I decided to hop over to the island and see if there were patriotic people who would be interested in 2MyHero cards. It was a hunch that has proved well worth the trip!

2MyHero military greeting cards in Kingston, WA

Across the road from Kingston Food Mart is Jumpin’ Java. I don’t know the back story on this drive up coffee spot, but I’m guessing either the owners spouse or child serves in some branch of our Armed Forces.

2MyHero military greeting cards in Kingston, WA

Lining the street are flags with the names of local home town heroes who are serving. It’s heartwarming!

So if you find yourself traveling in this scenic part of the country, stop in! Stock up on groceries and greeting cards!

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Source: 2 My Hero