Operation Gratitude is one of our favorite military support teams!

One of our favorite organizations to donate cards to is Operation Gratitude. I love their mission: “To thank every American who serves”. How incredible is that?

Their home page features a counter of all the care packages they’ve sent. To date, that number is up over 2 million. (Applause) Right now, Operation Gratitude is gearing up to assemble 5,000 more care packages this Thursday. #givingtuesday is helping them have the resources to reach their goals.

You have heard of #GivingTuesday, no doubt? If you’re wondering who you should give to this #GivingTuesday, I highly recommend you give to Operation Gratitude.

2MyHero donates military greeting cards to Operation Gratitude

Over the last two years, 2MyHero has donated over $1000 (retail value) in cards to this wonderful organization. It is our hope that the cards included in their incredible care packages will bring encouragement to troops on deployment wherever they are.

Portland is a long way from Chatsworth, California. If I lived close to their headquarters it would be top of my list of places to volunteer. But, it’s a good 18-hour car ride or 2-hour plane ride to get there, so it’s going to have to be a bucket list occasion. Someday . . .

If you want to send your own care package, shop for 2MyHero on our website or on Amazon. You’ll find 2MyHero individual encouragement for military greeting cards, six packs for Graduation, Birthday, Sympathy, Veteran’s Day and all 5 of the branch-specific Thank You notecards. In case you need a little extra nudge, standard shipping is FREE. 

2MyHero USMC Thank You notecards on Amazon

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Source: 2 My Hero