Watermark – A gem in downtown Tacoma, WA

Nestled in among the taller buildings of downtown Tacoma, Washington is a true gem. Not a diamond in the rough, this gem is highly polished! The building from the outside is brick and the green canvas awning beckons you in.

2MyHero Veteran's Day military greeting cards at Watermark in Tacoma, WA

Watermark has been in downtown Tacoma since 1974 when the owner, Karen McGrath came back to her roots. She’d gone to college and lived on the east coast but found that where she really wanted to be was in her home state of Washington. So, she and her husband came back to start their family and start a business that would stand the test of time.

Their present location is their fourth, and they’ve held two previous names. In 1997 they purchased and began to occupy the ground floor of a lovely old bank building on South A Street. 

2MyHero greeting cards at Watermark Gifts in Tacoma, WA

Through the years their goal has always been to provide a wide selection of wonderful goods, in an atmosphere of beauty and relaxation. A warm greeting, the aroma of fragrant soaps and candles, delightful music, a laugh or two from silly greeting cards and off-the-wall novelty items, all help our customers relax and forget the cares of the day.

When you step through the door you experience all of that immediately. 2MyHero is honored to now have Veteran’s Day cards represented in Watermark’s extensive card selection.

2MyHero Veteran's Day military greeting cards at Watermark in Tacoma, WA

The space is open and airy in feeling, and large enough that you feel like you’ve been transported a great distance to somewhere magical. There are so many wonderful items to explore! Now among their offerings are 2MyHero Veteran’s Day cards.

 2MyHero Veteran's Day military greeting cards at Watermark in Tacoma, WA

Back in the spring of this year, I emailed the store and asked they consider bringing in 2MyHero. I’ve emailed a lot of stores this year, but none gave such a timely and kind response. McGrath expressed admiration for the line and the purpose, but admitted she wasn’t sure how many of her customers have military ties. 

I was so impressed with her kindness in the midst of declining. So, I contacted her this fall and asked if she might consider giving the Veteran’s Day cards a try. She was delighted to. I went to meet her and let her choose which designs she felt best suited her customers. The person I met was so welcoming, I found myself not at all surprised that she would be able to maintain such a lovely store with such a longstanding presence.

2MyHero Veteran's Day military greeting cards at Watermark in Tacoma, WA

Watermark will hold it’s annual Holiday Open House Monday, November 5 from 4-7pm. It is the night when they reveal their selection of holiday gifts and decor.  The store is closed for the weekend, and won’t open until 4 pm the night of the party.  Windows will be covered… no peeking allowed!  It’ll be a festive time with refreshments, guests, and door prizes – and a great way to begin the season.

Those of you living near Tacoma who haven’t discovered Watermark yet – you must go there! How many businesses do you know that are 44 years old and still going strong!

If you don’t live near Tacoma, but want to purchase Veteran’s Day cards for the Veteran’s in your life, you can still get them on our website or on Amazon.

Shop on Amazon now until Veteran’s Day and will get 15% off all individual cards when you purchase at least 4 cards. Shipping is free. It’s a win all the way around – for you and for the Veteran’s who will receive the cards!

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Source: 2 My Hero