On Faith, Doubt and Birthdays

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How do those three go together? Well, they don’t really. Not directly. But they are all linked to 2MyHero‘s recent posts on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

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Personally, I’ve been chewing on this quote for a few days now. It is easy for me to look back on situations and realize how true this statement is. There’s always a danger in getting caught up in the prose of a quote and not taking time to look at practical applications or lessons learned that relate to it. This one has stuck with me.

As a small business owner, I find doubt lurking about constantly. “No one will like this . . . That sounds ridiculous . . . There’s no chance . . .” You get the gist of it. As I read comments through different online sources I know I’m not the only one battling doubt.

I can only imagine what it is like for our military personnel. Hind sight is always clearer, and the ability to think clearly in the heat of the moment takes great discernment and discipline. That’s why they train so much.

On a lighter note, Birthday’s are as much a reality as faith and doubt. Just more tangible and defined. Like every year on the same day. The tie in for Birthday’s in this post is this week’s MRE Remix on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it yet, click through to watch. Give it a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe!

The video will show you how I took the most common of MRE items and baked them into a totally different form. Being from the Northwest, hazelnuts are a favorite of mine. Trader Joe’s sells Oregon Hazelnuts. That tells you something about how much of an Oregon thing hazelnuts are.

Hazelnuts are quite popular with the local wineries. I have tasted differently spiced hazelnut variations at wine tastings before. I distinctly remember a tasting with Pinot Noir and Nutella that was staggering how perfectly they paired! I don’t think Nutella pairs equally with all Pinot Noir, but that one was a winner!

Last fall my husband and I discovered the most delightful little winery and chatted for quite a while with the owner and her mother who has the responsibility of coming up with foods for pairings. She offered us a lightly seasoned toasted hazelnut. I’m not really sure why that stuck with me, but as I was looking at the MRE’s I purchased for MRE Remix, I thought, hmmm what if I paired some of these basic elements with toasted hazelnuts. I guess I was hoping I’d come up with something to share with her.

I tend to lean towards savory over sweet (unless we’re talking lemon curd), so I will say that the spicy option of the three was my personal favorite. Second place for me goes to the mocha. The plain cocoa one was just that – too plain.

2MyHero military greeting cards and MRE Remix on YouTube.

The trio is paired with the three designs in the US Navy Collection for Birthdays. First off, if you’re anywhere near the Navy you’ve heard their favorite phrase “Fair winds and following seas”. When I was creating the designs I decided to tweak it a little for the occasion. I’ve had more than one Navy mom tell me she says that phrase to her Sailor often and couldn’t for their birthday to come so they could give them this card.

Sweet - Military Birthday Greeting Card for US Navy by 2MyHero

The second design is the only idea that I’ve adapted for all 5 branches – “Have your cupcake and protect it too”. I guess I’ve read and watched a lot about French history and Marie Antionette. Although there’s debate over whether she ever actually uttered the famous phrase “Have your cake and eat it too” it certainly is well known!

Sailor Protected - Military Birthday Greeting Card for Navy by 2MyHero

The third design is 2MyHero’s best selling Birthday card design. Maybe it’s the anchor symbol on the balloon, or the pretty cupcake with the sprinkles inside. Who doesn’t like sprinkles? Or maybe it just suits the way so many family and friends feel about their Sailors.

Sailor Style - Military Birthday Greeting Card for US Navy by 2MyHero

All three designs are available both on our website and on Amazon.

If you want to download the recipe cards click HERE

Please comment below or on YouTube about MRE’s you’ve tried. Let me know if there are any you’d like me to bring to MRE Remix.