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In the beginning, 2MyHero was all about creating greeting cards for family and friends of military personnel. Cards they could send to their sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and such while they were on deployment or stationed far away. Cards that would help them stay connected despite the distance.

2MyHero USN eight pack blank Thank You military greeting cards

As we’ve grown, the kinds of cards and items we offer is growing. Last fall we ventured beyond individual designs into two kinds of packs: Mixed six packs of individual designs and blank packs of Thank You notes.

This came about primarily because one of our vendors requested them. It’s a vendor we are especially honored to be working with – Fort America, gift shop at The Pentagon. A year ago last spring we had the opportunity to visit Washington D.C., and because of our connection with Fort America, The Pentagon also.

2MyHero visit to Fort America at The Pentagon

It was both humbling and thrilling. What an iconic structure and bustling place! Our time there was not extensive, but it was truly a memorable experience!

Fort America stocks both US Air Force and US Navy packs of blank Thank You notes. Although we offer a pack of blank Thank You notes that are licensed USMC product they are not stocked at Fort America.

Both the purchaser and the end user of the blank Thank You notes are military personnel themselves, rather than the family and friends who love them. It’s broadening our reach within the military community, and it has been very well received. Both on our website and on our Amazon page, the Thank You packs are selling very well!

We believe our cards help build bridges of appreciation and respect. We hope every 2MyHero military greeting card we create will help build strong bridges between the givers and receivers of our cards. Whether that’s civilian to military, military to civilian, or military to military.

Besides Thank You packs, 2MyHero sells greeting cards individually, in Boot Camp six packs (a mix of six cards including white square flap envelopes) and Lucky Seven Birthday packs (a mix of seven cards – two of each design plus a RED Friday Birthday card including white square flap envelopes). 

Individual designs for Graduation, Encouragement, Instructor Thank You and Birthday cards are our current categories.

If you know a young man or woman heading off to boot camp at Lacklund Air Force Base, you’ll want to purchase one of the six packs so you can encourage them at every stage – during bootcamp, at graduation, there’s one for their MTI and depending on how often you write them at boot camp, you may have one or two left over to send after graduation on their first assignment or next level of training.

2MyHero USAF mixed six pack military encouragement greeting cards

Maybe you know an Airman who is way beyond boot camp in terms of their military career. You are sure to find a card within the collection that is relevant at any phase of an Airman’s career. 2MyHero is happy to help you cheer Airmen on with unique and well researched military greeting cards.

If you have a son or daughter heading to bootcamp for the US MarinesUS Navy or US Coast Guard we have Birthday, Graduation and Thank You cards for the instructors in those branches as well. 

Let us know about your experience giving a 2MyHero greeting card to your military loved one. Comment below, leave a rating if you purchase through Amazon or Contact us and tell us how the card made you or them feel. We welcome your comments!

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