Happy 381st Birthday National Guard!

by | Dec 13, 2020 | US Army

Today, December 13th 2MyHero wants to recognize the birthday of the National Guard. This year (2020) is their 381st Birthday! 

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According to NationalDay, the first militias formed date back to 1607. Just shy of 30 years later (1636) small local units of militia merged into one which created the first colony-wide militia which set the stage for a truly “National” Guard.

When the National Guard’s oldest regiments met for their first drill on the village green in Salem, Massachusetts, they were barely three months old, organized on December 13th, 1636, the date we now celebrate as the National Guard birthday.

The National Guard is older than the Army.

The National Guard is older than the Army. Militias were used as early as 1636 to protect British colonies. The U.S. Army wasn’t formed until the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

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National Guard units were called Minutemen during the American Revolution due to their rapid response ability. This endears them to me in a special way as I was a graduate of Marshall High School here in Portland, Oregon. Our school mascot was the Minutemen (and Minutemaids for us females). 

Marshall High School no longer is in operation, unlike the National Guard which has continued to play a vital role on domestic and foreign soil.

The term “national guard” was popularized by Marquis de Lafayette in 1824. Lafayette was a French military officer who fought in the Revolutionary War. He used the term to describe each state’s militia. It didn’t become an official term until 1916 long after Lafayette was gone.

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The National Guard formed one of the first all African American units in U.S. military history, the 54th Massachusetts Volunteers. Their creation was met with mixed reactions, but the unit serves to this day and the first African American to receive a Medal of Honor, William Harvey Carney, hailed from it.

American Samoa is the only territory of the U.S. to not have a National Guard unit.

Military.com gives more information about the lesser-known facts of The National Guard. It is the second-largest militia force, second only to the US Army. National Guard troops have fought in every US war since 1936.

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