Merry Christmas US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps!

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Brand new for Christmas in 2020 are individual and boxed Christmas card designs from 2MyHero! Not yet available in retail locations, these designs are only available online on the website, on Amazon, and on Etsy.

US Army Holiday Soldier greeting card with envelope - Merry Christmas Soldier - by 2MyHero
Merry Soldier – US Army military Christmas greeting card is blank inside giving you the versatility to add your own personal sentiments.

Cheerful with vibrant colors of each branch integrated beautifully into the design, these Christmas cards are fitting either to be sent to or sent by a US Army Soldier enlisted or officer. The design is blank inside so you can write your personal message or memory inside to make it even more special.

We wish you a merry Army Christmas

Also available are boxed Christmas cards designed specifically for US Army Soldiers and their families to send. The box includes 6 of each design – US Army ornament and stocking for a total of 12 cards and 12 white square flap envelopes.

US Army Christmas Holiday Box of 12 Army greeting cards with envelopes - Merry Christmas Soldier- by 2MyHero
Individual and Boxed Christmas Cards for US Army Soldiers

Smaller in size than the individual cards (which are 5″ x 7″) the boxed designs are 4.25″ x 5.5″ and are blank inside. This makes them similarly more flexible for personalizing. You can wish the recipient a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holidays, or you could get really creative and write a branch-specific poem inside.

The designs for US Marine Corps feature the treasured EGA (Eagle, Globe, and Anchor) symbol known an loved by all Marines whether they are active duty or served in years past.

The EGA rests prominently both on the ornament and on the stocking “button”. It just fits perfectly within the circle!

US Marine Corps Holiday Box of 12 Marine greeting cards with envelopes - Merry Christmas Marine- by 2MyHero
Marine Ornament and Stocking boxed set of 12 Christmas cards is available on the website, Amazon, and on Etsy.

All Marines love and cherish the EGA! These festive boxed Christmas cards are sure to be a hit and make a bold statement. This set is perfect for Officers and Enlisted United States Marines alike. The cards are blank inside giving you flexibility on the written message you want to send.

These USMC specific boxed Christmas notecards would also be a great gift to give either to a Marine, a spouse of a Marine, or parent of a Marine at any point in their career with the US Marine Corps.

2MyHero military greeting cards holiday gift wrapping free
Holiday gift wrapping is available upon request!

The finished size of the cards is – 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″. Box includes 12 vellum square flap envelopes (A2). The notecards come packaged in a kraft box with a clear plastic lid with a USMC hologram sticker on the back.

2MyHero US Marine Corps Thank You box of notecards 15 blank note cards and 15 envelopes
All 2MyHero branch-specific cards are licensed and come with the branch hologram sticker on the back of the package.

2MyHero encourages you to express your pride in your US Navy Sailor, Pilot, SeaBee, or Submariner during this time of year when it is especially hard to be miles apart with this special greeting card. The card is blank inside giving you ample room to express your sentiments. These personal messages will make the card a gift in and of itself.

All 2MyHero® designs are licensed product – with the United States Army, Navy, and Marine Corps trademark offices respectively.

US Navy Christmas Holiday Sailor greeting card with envelope - Merry Christmas Sailor - by 2MyHero
Merry Christmas Sailor – send your Sailor, Pilot, Seabee, or Submariner special Christmas wishes.

When you send your special Christmas card to your Soldier, Sailor, or Marine, be sure to let them know they can enter the December 30 giveaway for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. All you (or they) have to do is submit a photo either on Instagram or Facebook of themselves with the 2MyHero military greeting card you send them. Be sure they tag @2myhero to be entered in the giveaway. You can read all the rules here.

There are also ways to enter without purchasing a card, so be sure to read all the rules.

2MyHero military greeting cards giveaway
It’s easy to enter 2MyHero‘s December 30 giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card.

Of course, there have been thousands of 2MyHero cards purchased and sent to special Airmen, Coasties, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers. Anyone who has received a card is welcome to enter. Perhaps you received a card 5 years ago. If you’re still holding onto it (because it is so incredibly special to have that handwritten message from a loved one) then take a picture with it and a great big smile on your face and post it or email it.

By participating, you agree to give 2MyHero the right to use the photo and winner’s first name on our website and social media channels (Instagram and Facebook) without further compensation unless prohibited by law.

You can submit a photo with any 2MyHero military greeting card. It could be a graduation, encouragement, birthday, promotion, retirement, or Thank You note card. It doesn’t matter. It just has to be a 2MyHero military greeting card.

The giveaway is open to U.S. residents and U.S. military personnel with an APO address. Giveaway dates are September 30, October 30, November 30, and December 30, 2020.

A Picture is Worth a $50 Gift Card Giveaway is in no way endorsed, sponsored, or administered by Instagram, Facebook, or Amazon. The sponsor of the Giveaway is 2MyHero LLC.

2MyHero military greeting card giveaway of a $50 Amazon gift card
Enter the December 30, 2020 giveaway!

Photos submitted are subject to the Privacy Policy stated on the 2MyHero website.

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Let me know how it made them feel and how it helped you stay connected with them. Of course, be mindful of OPSEC, and don’t give any specifics or details that would be potentially harmful to put out on the web

Thank You pack of US Army notecards - 8 blank note cards and 8 envelopes
Thank you notecard pack from 2MyHero.

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