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by | Mar 3, 2020 | US Marine Corps

February 23, 2020, marked the 75th anniversary of the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima. The US Marine Corps has been commemorating this anniversary during a 36-day-long observance that ended today.

“We should all pause to remember and honor the legacy they forged, as our Nation pays tribute to our ‘greatest generation”” said Marine Corps Gen. David H Berger on the official USMC website.

Iwo Jima Mark - USMC boot camp military greeting card and envelope - by 2MyHero
2MyHero US Marine Corps military greeting card Iwo Jima is sold on Amazon.

This year’s theme, “We are Iwo” reinforces what 2MyHero also believes. It’s the reason that one of the early cards added to the USMC Collection was the Iwo Jima card. It is intentionally blank inside to give greater flexibility for sending the military greeting card to a Marine. It’s equally appropriate to new recruits just graduating from boot camp at either MCRD Parris Island or MCRD San Diego as it is to young 2nd lieutenants fresh from ROTC or the Citadel as it is to seasoned Marines still serving.

The image used on the Iwo Jima card was taken at the Marine Corps Recruit Training Center at Parris Island. The presence of this smaller memorial attests to how important this point in the battle in the Pacific truly was. The image below was taken of the larger memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. It was very cloudy and rained off and on the day I was there, but if you catch it on a sunny day you can see the Washington Monument in the background. It’s a stunning view.

Iwo Jima Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery

Despite the historic event of raising the flag on February 23, 1945, the battle at Iwo Jima continued on throughout March with heavy fighting and huge numbers of casualties for both the Americans and the Japanese. It wasn’t until March 26, 1945, that the United States deemed the island “secure”.

As stated on the USMC website, “The photo embodying the Marines’ struggle and victory became an iconic symbol of the Marine Corps. The monument of the Marine Corps Warm Memorial has been cast in its image, inspiring each generation of Marines to strive for greatness.”

In the words of 2MyHero: Now you have the opportunity to leave your mark.

Iwo Jima Mark - USMC boot camp military greeting card and envelope - by 2MyHero
Iwo Jima military greeting card sold on 2MyHero

The Iwo Jima card is sold individually and is also part of A Marine Now – a mixed pack of 6 military greeting cards offered for Enlisted Marine military graduations. The mixed pack includes A Marine Now, Reagan Quote on Digi, Earned Never Given, Iwo Jima, Thank You for Drill Instructor and Marine Crayons Birthday card.

A Marine Now - Mixed Pack of 6 military greeting cards and 6 envelopes - by 2MyHero
A Marine Now mixed pack of military greeting cards for encouraging an enlisted Marine during and after graduation from boot camp.

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In addition to 5″ x 7″ greeting cards, 2MyHero also offers packs of Thank You notecards for each branch.

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