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by | Feb 21, 2020 | US Coast Guard

Yesterday, Admiral Karl Schultz delivered the State of the Coast Guard address. There were some technical transmission issues with the broadcast, but in my mind that only reinforced the need for us to rally our support for this very essential Armed Force. IT is critical to all branches, and when lives are at stake, you don’t want technical issues to hinder your rescue efforts.

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Many people like to joke about the Coast Guard not being an actual military branch. That’s understandable if they are service members (or their families) of other branches of service. Sibling rivalry simply is a thing. But all joking aside, they will admit deep down that the Coast Guard provides very important service to US citizens.

The US Coast Guard service is perhaps more tangibly noticeable on the East and West coasts of CONUS (Continental United States). US Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines also carry out vital missions on foreign soil which can seem very removed from our everyday life. But the rescue operations of disabled or injured vessels happen very close to home for many of us. Perhaps an even bigger service the Coast Guard provides is that of policing our waters and intercepting illegal transport of drugs.

It was also interesting to hear Admiral Schultz describe the illegal fishing that happens predominantly in the Pacific region and is a threat to populations across the globe that depend on fish for their food supply.

The diversity within the Coast Guard in terms of personnel and missions is both fascinating and inspiring. It was great to hear about the translation needs and close to home encounters of Coasties providing aid to countries whose emigrants are now a part of our military force.

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Sometimes it can feel like there’s little we as average American citizens can do to be supportive of the men and women serving in the US Coast Guard. That’s where you and 2MyHero come in. There are some very tangible things you can do to let these men and women know you appreciate all they are doing for us.

It is my passion to help you communicate respect and appreciation to service members in all branches of the military. Every 2MyHero military greeting card is created with this in mind. I study YouTube videos, volunteer at the USO and with the Blue Star Mothers of Oregon always looking for opportunities to meet service members and their families. I gain valuable insight talking with them about their experiences, jobs, and why they do what they do.

Coast Guard service members are posting on Instagram an inspiring thread with this hashtag: #whyiservecg and answer the question of “What’s your why?” They tell why they personally have chosen to serve in the US Coast Guard. There are great testimonials. Check it out!

If you aren’t a family member of a service member don’t let that stop you from going outside of your comfort zone. Volunteer at a local USO, join or start a military ministry at your church, donate or volunteer at an organization close to where you live that supports troops by sending letters or care packages to Airmen, Marines, Soldiers, Sailors or Coasties (like Blue Star Mothers of America, or Operation Gratitude).

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Volunteer at USO or any other military service-oriented non-profit in your area.

I’d love to hear the ways you give of your time and resources to support our troops. Comment below and let me know the organization you volunteer for and how it has impacted you.

2MyHero is available on our website, on Amazon and on Etsy. So, depending on your preference, you can find military greeting cards to encourage your Coastie, Airman, Marine, Soldier or Sailor. Also available are Gold Star military sympathy greeting cards to express your empathy for those who have lost a loved one in service.

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